UCLA Spotlight


Chancellor-designate Gene Block

Gene Block, former vice-president and provost of the University of Virginia, was confirmed December 21, 2006 as the ninth chancellor of UCLA. Block, who was chosen from a pool of about 100 candidates, plans to continue developing the University as a world-class institution, tackling such issues as diversity and cuts in government spending.   Continue »
Dec 21, 2006

Tis the season to be mellow (Mindful Awareness Research Center)

However merry the holiday season may be, it is always accompanied by a large dose of stress. UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center provides some tips on how to take it easy (mentally).  Continue »
Dec 11, 2006

Football upsets USC, 13-9

Bruin football upset the Trojans 13-9, beating them for the first time since 1998 and ending USC's shot at the national championship. How did it go down?   Continue »
Dec 4, 2006

Bruin Box Office (alumni filmmakers)

2006 has been a big year for UCLA alumni filmmakers, and 2007 promises to be at least as big. Read about recent and upcoming films by alumni of the School of Theater, Film and Television.   Continue »
Nov 22, 2006

Chancellor announces independent investigation of Powell Library incident

In response to the incident that occurred in the Powell Library involving a student and UCPD officers, UCLA Acting Chancellor Norman Abrams announced today that an independent investigation into the event would be conducted.  Continue »
Nov 17, 2006

Matthew Baum (Political Science) explores the "Oprah effect"

Political science professor Matthew Baum has conducted a study that suggests that politically inattentive people who watch daytime television are 25% more likely to vote according to their values than those who don't.   Continue »
Nov 6, 2006

Henry Kelly, English (and an expert on the Devil)

UCLA English Professor Henry Kelly is not a Devil worshiper, but he sure knows his Satanical facts. In this interview he describes the evolution of modern conceptions of Satan, a process that may surprise those who think they know the devil.  Continue »
Oct 30, 2006

Richard Walter, Screenwriting Professor

In 1977 Richard Walter was a successful screen-writer in Hollywood when a friend suggested that he apply for a teaching position at UCLA. Walter thought he would give it a shot. Now he is a widely popular professor who is driven by his passion for teaching. He is also the proud parent of a UCLA student and speaker at the 2006 Parents' Weekend.  Continue »
Oct 23, 2006

UCLA School of Dentistry fights oral cancer with new screening test

Oral cancer is a disease that affects 30,000 Americans annually and is problematic partially because it is hard to detect. This may change as the UCLA School of Dentistry has developed a diagnostic saliva test.  Continue »
Oct 16, 2006

Happy Birthday, Coach Wooden

October 14th marks the birthday of John Wooden, legendary UCLA basketball coach. But what does one give a man who already has so much? The answer: a post office.   Continue »
Oct 9, 2006

Dive In to the New Academic Year

A new academic year means lots of new options and decisions. Here are some of the new majors and minors being offered at UCLA, along with other helpful tips.  Continue »
Sep 26, 2006

Welcome Week 2006

UCLA is an amazing place. And the new school year breaks out of the gate with an amazing Welcome Week of fun, festival and food — and it's all free!  Continue »
Sep 18, 2006

Broad Art Center opens: new home for UCLA's visual arts programs

Thanks to Eli and Edythe Broad, the School of the Arts and Architecture has a seismically repaired and distinctive new home — formerly known as Dickson Art Center — for its internationally recognized visual arts programs.  Continue »
Sep 11, 2006

Filmmakers Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (Little Miss Sunshine)

Filmmakers Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (both '80) met as undergraduates at UCLA, after 18 years of marriage and working in the entertainment industry, the couple has directed their first feature length film: Little Miss Sunshine.   Continue »
Sep 1, 2006

Terence Tao, Fields Medal Winner

Terence Tao was a seven year-old high school student when he began taking calculus classes. By 20 he had received a Ph.D. from Princeton and joined the UCLA faculty. This month he was awarded the Fields medal in Madrid, Spain. The details here.  Continue »
Aug 22, 2006

Maddalena Bearzi, Dolphin Detective of Santa Monica Bay

Maddalena Bearzi Ph.D. '03 is passionate about the health of the Santa Monica bay, especially the dolphins.   Continue »
Aug 14, 2006

Vickie Mays: Helping Hands, Healing Hearts (Hurricane Katrina aftermath)

UCLA professor of psychology Vickie Mays understands the difficulties facing New Orleans children returning to school for the first time in a year. That is why she is spearheading an effort to provide the children with special care packages to ease their return.   Continue »
Aug 1, 2006

Gil Kenan, Monster Man (director of Monster House)

The career of UCLA alum Gil Kenan is taking off. Three years after an agent from Creative Artists Agency saw his senior thesis film and signed him, Kenan has been asked to direct the latest Spielberg and Zemeckis production, Monster House.   Continue »
Jul 24, 2006

Robert Watson: Spreading the power of Shakespeare

This year's Gold Shield Faculty Prize winner is English professor Robert Watson. Watson is known for his enthusiastic teaching style and dedication to spreading Shakespearian knowledge. He travels across the country to teach high school teachers Shakespeare.  Continue »
Jul 17, 2006

Khaled Abou El Fadl: Law prof reaffirms Islam’s moral message

For UCLA law professor Khaled Abou El Fadl, the message and meaning of Islam is being misinterpreted by many of its followers.   Continue »
Jul 10, 2006

Eddie Murphy, Emeriti/Retirees Relations Center

Hollywood may have its Eddie Murphy, but UCLA's has its own version. UCLA's Eddie Murphy is director of the Emeriti/Retirees Relations Center.   Continue »
Jul 3, 2006

Albert Carnesale: Chancellor steps down after nine years

After nine years as UCLA's Chancellor, Albert Carnesale will step down. But his legacy remains.   Continue »
Jun 26, 2006

Manal Quota: Graduating senior from Saudi Arabia

Manal Quota has come a long way from her ultra-privileged life in Saudia Arabia. The graduating senior has spent her time at UCLA helping under-privileged children and working with human rights campaigns. This spotlight takes a look at this stellar student and her accomplishments.  Continue »
Jun 19, 2006

Commencement 2006

Commencement is more than just graduation, it is a rite of passage for every UCLA student. This spotlight takes a more in depth look at 2006's commencement highlights.  Continue »
Jun 12, 2006

Helen Berman and the UCLA Center on Aging

Helen Berman, executive administrator of UCLA's Center on Aging, oversees the services offered to seniors at UCLA, from courses that help counter memory-loss to programs that allow seniors to sit in on UCLA lectures.  Continue »
May 25, 2006

Women's Water Polo wins title, UCLA's 99th NCAA Championship

The Women's Water Polo Team won the NCAA Championship this month scoring a last-second goal against cross-town rival USC. The win brings UCLA's total NCAA title tally up to 99.   Continue »
May 15, 2006

Men's Volleyball wins title, UCLA's 98th NCAA Championship

The UCLA Men's Volleyball team won their 14th straight NCAA title against Penn State this Month. The underdogs also brought UCLA its 98th NCAA championship title.   Continue »
May 8, 2006

Rosa Calva gives EMTs the words they need to comfort patients

When Rosa Calva began working as an office manager at UCLA's Center for Prehospital Care, she noticed almost no paramedics spoke Spanish. Now she teaches a widely successful course in medical Spanish.  Continue »
May 2, 2006

Mike Rose: Education professor challenges conventional ideas about intelligence

Professor of Education Mike Rose would like us to re-evaluate the way we define intelligence in our society. He feels that commonly held definitions of intelligence often prejudice the working-class, beginning at a young age. This UCLA Magazine article offers a fascinating interview with professor Rose.  Continue »
Apr 24, 2006

Day Labor: A report from street level on the battle over immigration

The debate over illegal immigration is becoming more and more prevalent in our national discourse. But it is not too often that we hear the voices of those at the center of the debate: the immigrants themselves.   Continue »
Apr 10, 2006

iCarnaval! exhibit brings UCLA its own carnival parade

This Saturday the Fowler Museum's Carnival Exhibition goes mobile with a parade and celebration. Take a look at some of the festivities.  Continue »
Apr 3, 2006

UCLA vs Florida national championship broadcast

What is one to do when Bruin basketball is playing an important game on the road? Come to Pauley Pavilion, where a few thousand Bruin fans come to watch the game, cheer and show their colors.   Continue »
Apr 2, 2006

Brick, concrete and green all over: La Kretz Hall

La Kretz Hall, which opened in June 2005, is the epitome of sustainable design. The building houses the UCLA Institute of the Environment and employs a variety of different tactics in keeping the building green.  Continue »
Mar 13, 2006

Women's Basketball Wins Pac-10 Tournament

The female Bruins won their first-ever Pac-10 title against Stanford last week, catapulting them into the NCAA tournament.   Continue »
Mar 7, 2006

Men's Basketball Wins Pac-10 Title Outright

Men's basketball beat Stanford for the Pac-10 title, 75-54. It is the first time the Bruins have won the title outright in nine years, something Coach Ben Howland is very proud of.   Continue »
Mar 4, 2006

UCLA's Academy Award Nominees

There are plenty of UCLA alumni up for Oscars at this year's Academy Awards. Here is a list of some of the Bruin nominees.  Continue »
Feb 27, 2006

Campaign UCLA raises $3 billion

Campaign UCLA has been the most successful fund-raising campaign in the history of higher education: over $3 billion raised in ten years. The effects of this fund-raising are far-reaching.  Continue »
Feb 16, 2006

UCLA/Getty Program on the Conservation of Ethnographic and Archaeological Materials

A new masters program conducted by the Getty and UCLA offers students a curriculum in conserving and restoring ancient artifacts and art. The first of its kind on the West Coast, the three-year program is primarily conducted at the state-of-the-art conservation labs at the Getty Villa in Malibu.   Continue »
Feb 7, 2006

Candace Coffee, graduate student and stem cell advocate

Public health graduate student Candace Coffee, who suffers from a rare disorder known as Devic's Disease, played a central role at a stem cell news conference held on campus.   Continue »
Jan 27, 2006

Elinor Ochs and the Center on the Everyday Lives of Families

Anthropologist Elinor Ochs has been videotaping 32 middle-class American families seven days a week and has drawn some pretty interesting conclusions. For one, she feels that American families have gone from kid-centered to kid-dominated.   Continue »
Jan 17, 2006

Stanley Rubin: returning to earn his bachelor's degree 68 years later

Stanley Rubin, an accomplished veteran of the entertainment industry, was an undergraduate at UCLA in the 30's when he opted for an early entrance into the professional world over finishing his Bachelor's. Now, 68 years later, he is returning to UCLA at the age of 88 to complete his degree.   Continue »
Jan 9, 2006