UCLA Spotlight


Jamie Hoffman, Recreation

Jamie HoffmanIn one kayak, a child with autism. In another, an 80-year-old man who survived a stroke. Jamie Hoffman encourages people with disabilities to leave their wheelchairs on the dock and go play on the water.   Continue »
Dec 14, 2007

Finding Patterns in Crime

Jeff BrantinghamThis anthropologist studies Tibet . . . not to mention local crime. He's joined forces with mathematicians and local police to bring innovative techniques to the study of crime.   Continue »
Dec 3, 2007

Gordon Henderson, Marching Band

Gordon HendersonFor the first time in 22 years, the Marching Band has a new uniform, with new UCLA blue coats. Band director Gordon Henderson is enthusiastic about the change.   Continue »
Nov 26, 2007

UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music

Herb Alpert A $30 million gift from Herb Alpert begins a new era of music at UCLA  Continue »
Nov 16, 2007

Marie Cowan: Living legend of nursing

Marie CowanMarie Cowan, the dean of UCLA's School of Nursing, has been named a 'living legend' by the American Academy of Nursing. She has changed the profession in California and the nation.   Continue »
Nov 13, 2007

Bruin alum tends Hollywood sign

Chris Baumgart The Hollywood sign is one of the best-known (and biggest) icons in the world. And it's tended by a Bruin: Chris Baumgart '73.  Continue »
Nov 5, 2007

Patricia Ganz helps cancer survivors

Patricia Ganz imageUCLA research Patricia Ganz is the top national expert on quality of life after breast cancer  Continue »
Oct 26, 2007

Gwendolyn Terry keeps UCLA moving

Gwendolyn Terry, a campus shuttle driver, keeps UCLA moving: students, staff, faculty and visitors.  Continue »
Oct 22, 2007

Elinor Ochs: Snooping in the name of science

Eleanor Ochs studies the everyday lives of families. Some of her findings may surprise you.   Continue »
Oct 15, 2007

Maxwell Barr, king of costumes

Costumer Maxwell Barr unites history and design to help students produce authentic costumes for the School of Theater, Film and Television  Continue »
Oct 8, 2007

UCLA's Christopher Russell leads NASA's Dawn Mission

Christopher T. Russell, professor of geophysics and space physics, has spent 15 years working on NASA's Dawn mission to send a spacecraft to the doughnut-shaped asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.  Continue »
Sep 27, 2007

Dive In: Welcome Week 2007

Kick-start the undergraduate experience at Welcome Week  Continue »
Sep 20, 2007

A new name in stem cell research at UCLA

With a $20 million gift from the Broad Foundation, stem cell research at UCLA gets a new name and new capabilities.  Continue »
Sep 10, 2007

Bruin hall of famers share their "big UCLA moment"

When Kareem walked away from the NBA in 1989, he had more than basketball to fall back on. A history major at UCLA, Kareem had a passion for understanding the present in light of the past, and a flair for writing.   Continue »
Aug 31, 2007

Simpsons director Silverman talks about his work

With "The Simpsons Movie" topping the box office, director David Silverman, '79, MFA '83, takes time out to talk about his work.  Continue »
Aug 28, 2007

Global buddies, family coaching: ideas to change the world

What do families need to meet the typical challenges of child-rearing, and to understand worldwide issues confronting the environment and humanity? UCLA's Global Center for Children and Families is reaching out with programs such as Global Buddies and Family Coaching Clinics.  Continue »
Aug 21, 2007

The Human Touch

Universities across the U.S. are training doctors with a new emphasis on empathy. For many, the benchmark is UCLA.  Continue »
Aug 13, 2007

New Chancellor Gene Block

Meet UCLA's new chief executive: Gene Block is a scientist, a scholar, a car lover and a leader.  Continue »
Aug 1, 2007

Outgoing Chancellor Norman Abrams

When Norman Abrams agreed to be UCLA's acting chancellor, he didn't know that he would be plunged almost immediately into a yearlong series of challenges and crises.  Continue »
Jul 25, 2007

New student Regent D'Artagnan Scorza

UCLA student D'Artagnan Scorza is the new student Regent. He intends to work for diversity and affordability.   Continue »
Jul 10, 2007

UCLA in Tanzania

Linguistics professor Katrina Daly Thompson took a UCLA summer sessions class to Zanzibar and Dar Es Salaam to study Swahili. Here's their blog.  Continue »
Jun 26, 2007

Immigrant student excels in biophysics

Jose Rodriguez knew no English when he started kindergarten. Now he is graduating from UCLA with a degree in biophysics.  Continue »
Jun 14, 2007

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

Scheduled to open in 2008, the new Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center combines the newest in technology with a design that maximizes natural light for healing.   Continue »
May 31, 2007

Marwa Kaisey: from Iraq to student body president of UCLA

Marwa Kaisey is UCLA's student body president. She's also a native of Iraq, one of many UCLA undergraduates born outside the U.S.  Continue »
May 21, 2007

Women's Water Polo wins it: UCLA's 100th NCAA Championship

Women's Water Polo wins their third NCAA championship in a row. UCLA becomes the first school to win 100 NCAA team championships.   Continue »
May 13, 2007

Digital World: faculty uses technology to explore cultures and ideas

Danish folklore and ancient Rome are only two of the topics UCLA faculty are exploring via digital technology.   Continue »
May 7, 2007

Death Pit: Cotner Open House

7,500 years ago, 40 people in South-East Turkey were dismembered, decapitated and thrown in a mass grave. Why? UCLA researchers are finding out.  Continue »
Apr 30, 2007

Celebrating alumnus Jackie Robinson

The man who broke the color barrier in professional baseball is a UCLA alumnus: Jackie Robinson.   Continue »
Apr 13, 2007

UCLA welcomes new admits

UCLA is big. That means choice: 5,000 courses. 109 academic departments. 130 undergraduate majors. 800 student organizations. Limitless possibility.  Continue »
Apr 2, 2007

Jorja Leap: international expert works with L.A. gangs

As an international expert in crisis intervention and trauma response, Jorja Leap has dug into some of the world's toughest spots, from Kosovo to Ground Zero. Now she's working with L.A. gangs.   Continue »
Apr 1, 2007

Men's Basketball Bruins in the Final Four - again

For the second consecutive year, the UCLA Men's Basketball team has played its way into the Final Four.   Continue »
Mar 26, 2007

Greg Graffin: punk rock singer is a lecturer in biology

Better known as a punk rock singer, Greg Graffin has a Ph.D. and teaches Life Science 1 at UCLA. The syllabus includes evolution.   Continue »
Mar 19, 2007

Phillip Carter: alumnus returns from Iraq

Phillip Carter, lawyer and soldier, went to Iraq to help reform the legal system. The Bruin alumnus reflects on his experiences.   Continue »
Mar 12, 2007

Saul Sarabia: pursuing social change

As a UCLA student, Saul Sarabia fought for social change. Now he's back on campus with the School of Law's Critical Race Studies program. And he's still working for change.   Continue »
Feb 28, 2007

UCLA and the Academy Awards

The 79th Academy Awards included many ties to UCLA - from winning directors to alumni working backstage.   Continue »
Feb 19, 2007

The man behind the building name: James E. LuValle

LuValle Commons bears the name of James E. LuValle, first president of UCLA's graduate students. LuValle earned an Olympic medal and a Ph.D. in chemistry - an unusual combination.   Continue »
Feb 12, 2007

Billy Wilder Theater opens at Hammer Museum

Unveiled in December 2006, the Billy Wilder Theater now hosts screenings by the UCLA Film and Television Archive as well as programs of the Hammer Museum.   Continue »
Feb 5, 2007

Undergraduate wins Marshall Scholarship

UCLA senior William Thomas Clarke is Oxford-bound, thanks to his undergraduate research experience with mentor Rachelle Crosbie.  Continue »
Jan 22, 2007

Norton Wise, Center for Society and Genetics

Norton Wise, co-director of the Center for Society and Genetics, is uniquely qualified to consider the future of science.   Continue »
Jan 15, 2007

A mathematician in his prime: Terence Tao

Terence Tao, UCLA's first Fields Medal winner, lectures about prime numbers.  Continue »
Jan 8, 2007

Nomad chic: Fowler exhibit about the Tuareg, "blue people of the Sahara"

The Tuareg, semi-nomadic desert dwellers of the Sahara, have long piqued the curiosity of Westerners. A new Tuareg exhibit at the Fowler will offer a glance into the lives and crafts of these fabled people.   Continue »
Jan 2, 2007