UCLA Spotlight

I-O-UCLA: Teresa Valenzuela explains

  • Published Nov 24, 2008 8:00 AM

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During the inaugural UCLA Day on May 17, 2008, ten alumni shared their reflections on UCLA and its impact on their lives.

Teresa Valenzuela (English ‘94) gives an emotional testimonial of how she found herself at a crossroads during her first year at UCLA but found the strength and motivation to endure and succeed with the help and support of caring UCLA staff.

Today, as a UCLA graduate and a UCLA staff member, she represents a positive role model, mentoring students in the School of Nursing.

This spot is part of the UCLA Day I-O-UCLA video campaign. From the Class of 1957 to the Class of 2005 — and the decades in between — these UCLA graduates share their personal stories.

The next UCLA Day is planned for May 9, 2009.