UCLA Spotlight

Roger E.A. Farmer

  • Published Apr 12, 2010 8:00 AM

Interview with Roger Farmer (UCLA Today)

Roger E.A. Farmer’s Faculty Web Page

Oxford University Press: Expectations, Employment and Prices

Oxford University Press: How the Economy Works

Roger E.A. Farmer is professor and chair of the economics department at UCLA. He is a member of the Financial Times Economists Forum, a specialist on macroeconomic theory and the author of six books and numerous scholarly articles in leading economic journals.

In this video he discusses two of his recent books: Expectations, Employment and Prices and How the Economy Works: Confidence, Crashes and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies.

Farmer is among the authors who will appear at the 15th annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, held in association with UCLA, on the weekend of April 24-25.