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Kathrin Plath

If we understood the molecular mechanisms, could a patient's own cells be re-programmed to arrest and even reverse the course of disease? Kathrin Plath is one of the basic researchers whose work is of vital interest in the medical field. Video  »

Omar Yaghi

Andrea Ghez spends a lot of time using the Keck Observatory telescopes in Hawaii. And when she’s not gazing through a telescope, she’s devising ways to surmount their limitations: inventing adaptive optics and the technique known as speckle imaging. Prof. Ghez and her team took the first clear picture of the Milky Way, and found a massive black hole at the center of the galaxy. Video »

John Mazziotta

Brain disorders can be mystifying and devastating. But reseachers like John Mazziotta are using detailed imagery to chart the structure and functions of normal human brains. Their goal: to understand how disorders attack and evaluate how treatments work. Video »

Antronette Yancey

Antronette Yancey is a formidable foe of the obesity epidemic. She takes on television advertising, fast food, and the sedentary office – with practical suggestions for worried parents and out-of-shape adults. Video »

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