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Weird Science? Engineers Week 2005

  • Published Apr 1, 2005 8:00 AM

It’s often surprising what you might bump into on the UCLA campus during Engineers Week – or what might bump into you (watch out while walking through the Court of Sciences during the egg-drop competition).

This year’s E-Week, April 11-15, includes such time-honored favorites as the aforementioned egg drop, student-built human-powered vehicles, electronic racecars, concrete bowling and ice cream prepared in a frosty bath of liquid nitrogen. There are high-tech paper airplanes, water purification systems, towers constructed of gum drops and toothpicks, aluminum foil boats (the one still afloat after being loaded with the most pennies wins) and a firefighting robot that navigates through a model house to detect and snuff a candle burning inside.

Though the week is filled with fun events, contests and games, the purpose is still serious -- a combination of the playful and the educational -- to demonstrate through practical, hands-on application what the students have learned in their classrooms and labs, and to showcase the value of engineering in everyday life.

“ As members of society, engineers must share their knowledge and experience, applying what they have learned to the greater good of the world at large,” said Erick Loh, E-Week chair.

E-Week was established in 1951 by the National Society of Professional Engineers to raise public awareness of engineers’ positive contributions to the quality of life, and became a regular event at UCLA in the early 1960s. While National E-Week is held every February to celebrate George Washington’s birthday – America’s first president had a background in engineering – UCLA traditionally holds its event in the Spring Quarter. Activities are created, organized and carried out by student members from a number of engineering societies, coordinated by the Engineering Society of the University of California (ESUC)


Showing off a micro mouse
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Making liquid nitrogen ice cream
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