UCLA Spotlight


Festival 2004, School of Theater, Film and Television

  • Published Jun 1, 2004 8:00 AM

Whether by accident or design, the school located on the extreme edge of campus is Theater, Film and Television. Nowhere else at UCLA will you find their particular mix of facilities: theaters, projection rooms, costume shops, sound stages, computer storage so large it’s measured in terabytes.

The activities are equally atypical. Fencing practice overflows into the neighboring Sculpture Garden. Sound tracks repeat endlessly. In the windowless editing rooms, students seem to lose track of day and night.

Each Spring, Theater, Film and Television throws open its doors and invites the rest of the world to see what’s been going on. Festival 2004 is the latest incarnation, complete with films, videos and animation night. Alumni Cathy Hardwicke (director of Thirteen), Gore Verbinski (director of Pirates of the Caribbean, The Ring) and Mike Werb (writer of Tomb Raider and The Mask) return to co-host events at the Directors Guild and Writers Guild theaters.

To convey a flavor of Festival 2004, we've invited several student filmmakers to present short clips of their work as QuickTime movies. And if you want to see more... visit the Festival 2004 web site and make a reservation. All the events are free, but audience space is limited.