UCLA Spotlight


All-Hill Halloween

  • Published Oct 1, 2003 8:00 AM

When you’re too old to beg treats door to door, how should you celebrate Halloween?

For students in UCLA’s residence halls, part of the answer is the All Hill Halloween – a chance to give out treats instead of collecting them. More than 2,500 kids from community centers and elementary schools are invited to do their trick or treating at UCLA, going door to door instead of house to house. The children, aged 5 to 10, arrive by bus from economically disadvantaged Los Angeles neighborhoods.

The UCLA students provide goody bags and act as guides, leading their small charges up and down the floors of the residence halls. Besides rooms and suites of students offering treats, the children will find haunted houses, games, face painting and other Halloween activities.

It’s Halloween in a safe, fun environment: no fears of automobile traffic, of tripping on uneven sidewalks in the dark, or any of the other common parental worries. As Rieber Hall Resident Director Dana Pysz puts it,

"All Hill Halloween is a wonderful opportunity to give kids a safe, fun, and exciting environment to trick-or-treat. It also gives UCLA residents a chance to 'be a kid' again and make a memorable night for all of those visiting.”

This is the 15th annual celebration of the All Hill Halloween. (“All Hill” comes from the fact that UCLA’s residence halls are built on the northwest corner of campus, on hills overlooking the track stadium and intramural athletic field.) More than 300 student volunteers are expected to pitch in.

And the All Hill celebration helps UCLA students turn Halloween into a three-day holiday. They can shower treats on the visiting kids on Wednesday, shop the 26th annual UCLA Store monster sale on Thursday, and still be ready to party on Halloween night, October 31.