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Dive In to the New Academic Year

  • Published Sep 26, 2006 8:00 AM

Dive In to the New Academic Year

Maybe you’re a freshman, still trying to figure out the best route from the residence halls. Or maybe you’re a fifth-year senior, and you can find every class on your schedule without a glance at the campus map. Either way, it’s a new academic year — full of options and possibilities. Here are just a few to help your campus career go swimmingly.


Architectural Studies doesn’t get started until Fall 2007 — but it’s not too soon for freshmen and sophomores to think about applying. Major.

Civic Engagement brings the classroom to the community at the local, state or national level. A great way to integrate an internship or service learning experience. Minor.

Environmental Scienc grapples with our relationship with Mother Earth: global warming, sustainability and other issues between us and the planet we live on. Major or minor.

Human Complex Systems gets you ready for the techno-society (although it doesn’t really give you an excuse to spend more time playing Sims). Minor.

Nursing used to require an R.N. degree. Now you can begin as a freshman and earn a B.S. Major.

Urban and Regional Studies lets you incorporate research or service learning, with Southern California as your own great big laboratory. Minor.


Eager to paint your face blue and gold and scream yourself hoarse? It’s all good. Join The Den

he official student fan group. Want to follow Joe Bruin into the pool in water sports, compete in intramurals or club sports? See UCLA Recreation, Fitness and outdoor adventures, too — Recreation offers individual, group and team activities.


From archery and a cappella song to the Undergraduate Business Society, there are student groups from the serious to the sublime to the silly. Find people who share your interests — or sample some new ideas and activities. Student Groups Web Services is the place to start.


UCLA is the size of a small city — and it’s a city with a rich cultural and entertainment life. And we’ve got the map. Go to www.happenings.ucla.edu o check out upcoming films, exhibits, performances, sports events and lectures.