Catch a glimpse of selected items from the Bradburyana in the UCLA Library Special Collections.

'Galaxy cover with 'The Fireman'

First page of the 'Fireman'

Second page of the 'Fireman'

The first version of "Fahrenheit 451" was "The Fireman," published in the February 1951 issue of Galaxy Science Fiction. Cover art by Chesley Bonestell.

'Martian Chronicles' mock-up

'Martian Chronicles' gallery

The title page of "The Martian Chronicles" was first mocked up by a layout artist, then typeset in galley form. Note the "blue pencil" used for type specifications and fine-tuning of the spacing.

'Mystery Magzine' cover

'Other Worlds' cover

'Science Fiction Galaxy' cover

Bradbury’s name was often featured on the covers of pulp magazines. His work couldn’t be pigeon-holed as science fiction – "The Town Where Nobody Got Off," for instance, appeared in a mystery magazine.

Excerpt, 1955 'Mirror-News'

'Maclean's' cover

In 1955, Matt Weinstock of the Mirror-News writes about the accidental way Bradbury came to the attention of Truman Capote. Bradbury published "Next Stop, The Stars" in this 1956 issue of the Canadian magazine "Maclean’s."