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ChiChi Nnadi,Theater, Film and Television

  • By Teri Michael
  • Published Aug 1, 2003 8:00 AM

ChiChi Nnadi is one recent UCLA graduate who doesn’t need to start sending out resumes. Instead, he will be launching a career in television journalism under the aegis of MTV, one of the most watched networks in the world. A Regents Scholar for four years, Nnadi has been hired as a VJ for MTV’s college television network set to be launched this fall.

His parents, two civil engineers from Orlando, Fla., were adamantly against his coming to California. Acting can be an uncertain profession, and Los Angeles is full of actors waiting tables while waiting to be discovered.

But the risk has paid off handsomely for Nnadi, a theater major who also took courses in film editing, directing, writing and television production in the School of Theater, Film and Television. “You get that taste of being a professional and what your future is going to be like,” Nnadi says of the experience.

His work on a student-produced nationwide cable TV show, “ucla: next,” led to his discovery by an MTV executive who served as a judge for the student Emmy competition. After undergoing a series of rigorous auditions and interviews, Nnadi was selected to travel around the country reporting on hot Gen-Y topics.

“I’m excited about what I’m jumping into,” he says.