UCLA Spotlight

Medical student Voltaire Sinigayan

  • Published Jan 5, 2009 8:00 AM

More about the Mobile Clinic Project

His mom was a nurse, so Voltaire Sinigayan was always interested in the healing arts. But the fourth-year UCLA med student always knew there was more to medicine than just treating wounds and dealing with disorders. Voltaire Sinigayan didn’t just want to heal bodies — he wanted to help people. And he found the perfect avenue in UCLA’s Mobile Clinic Project, the strategically-situated teams of law, medical and public health Bruins, undergrads and up, who serve the city’s homeless population.

Voltaire worked in the West Hollywood clinic from his very first year in medical school and is now chief of one of the student-run homeless facilities in Westwood. For him, the mission is multiple: "A huge part of medicine and healing is the patient’s ability to comfortably and openly communicate not only their medical problems to their doctors, but also their lives and experiences," he explains. "At Mobile Clinic, we really sit down and listen to them and truly try to foster this aspect of healing."